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How to move your data file to a different location in Moneydance 2012 and above

Angie Rauscher -

If you already have your data in Moneydance 2012 or higher but would like to start sharing it on Dropbox or another shared folder, or simply store your data in a different location, follow these instructions. While these screenshots are from the Mac version of Moneydance, the process of moving a data file is the same across Mac, Window, and Linux systems.

If you obtained Moneydance from the Mac Apple Store, unfortunately, you will not be able to do the below steps due to limitations imposed by Apple regarding the 'sandboxing' of Apps. We are working on an integrated sync mechanism that will allow you to desktop-to-desktop syncing in future releases of Moneydance.

First, make sure that you have a copy of Moneydance 2012.2 or newer. To find out what version you have go to either Moneydance -> About Moneydance on OSX, or Help -> About Moneydance on other platforms.
The latest version of Moneydance can be downloaded here.

While Moneydance is open, go to Help -> Show Documents Folder.


This will open a file browsing window. Close Moneydance, but keep this file browsing window open. You will see a folder in your file browser that looks like yourfilename.moneydance. Move this folder to its new location. You only want one copy of this folder on your system, so it is important to move the file to the new location and delete it from the Documents folder.


Open Moneydance, and in the "Welcome to Moneydance" window which appears click the "Open Other" button in the lower left hand corner. Navigate to the new location of your data file and click to open. Mac users should have to simply select the yourfilename.moneydance folder. Users of other operating systems may have to go into the yourfilename.moneydance folder and select the "root.mdinternal" file. Moneydance will remember the new location of your file and open it automatically next time you launch Moneydance.


Please remember if you are sharing your file between multiple computers to never access the file simultaneously from two different computers, doing so could result in the loss of data.

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