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Printing checks

Angie Rauscher -

Moneydance can print on virtually any style of pre-printed checks. To print checks with Moneydance you will first need to obtain pre-printed check stock, including any account number, routing number, or sort code that will need to be on the check. Moneydance will print the date, amount, payee, memo, and optionally the address of a payee on your checks.

To print checks you will need to mark some of your transactions as to-be-printed by setting the check number field for the transactions to be printed as "{Print}". When you select the File->Print Checks function, Moneydance will locate any transactions in the current account register with "{Print}" in the check number field, print them onto paper checks, and put the number of the paper check into the check number field. To print addresses on checks, follow the instructions here.


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