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Adjusting balances using the Initial Balance field

Angie Rauscher -

If after importing data your balances are incorrect, the most likely cause is the QIF file did not include an initial balance transfer as the first transaction for the account. You will need to set the initial balance on your accounts in Moneydance manually. You may know the initial balance amount, or Moneydance can easily calculate the appropriate initial balance for each account.

1. First open the account register in question by clicking on the account in the Moneydance side bar or Moneydance home page.

2. Next, select Account->Edit Account... If you know the appropriate Initial Balance enter the amount and click "Ok". (If not, go to step 3.)  Repeat for each account.

3. Moneydance can calculate your Initial Balance.  For example if your current checking account balance is $200, and the balance shown in Moneydance is $27.65, then enter 200-27.65 (use the minus sign) in the Initial Balance field and hit enter. Moneydance will automatically calculate the proper Initial Balance.  Repeat for each account.

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