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Importing security, stock or mutual fund prices

Angie Rauscher -

Moneydance can automatically download price information from Yahoo! and Google Finance. Most of the ticker symbols that you can use with these sites are provided for download. You can access this information by installing the Quotes and Exchange Rates extension.

  1. Select Extensions->Manage Extensions.  If you purchased Moneydance through the Mac app store go to the Tools menu, click "Quotes and Exchange Rates" and proceed to step 3.
  2. Find the Quotes and Exchange Rates extension and press the "Install" button
  3. Make sure the correct ticker symbols are set for your securities. To change or set them, select Tools->Edit Securities. Select the security form the list and click the "Edit" button. Then click the "Edit"... button to the right of the security name. Enter the ticker symbol click "OK", then click "Done".  Repeat for each of your securities.
  4. You can go to to search for the appropriate ticker symbol. If the security is not listed on this website we cannot get price information for it. Please note that if you are using securities that are traded on foreign exchanges a suffix must be added to the symbol in accordance with the guidelines in this document:
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