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What's new in Moneydance 2014?

Angie Rauscher -

These are a few of the exciting new features of Moneydance 2014! 

  • Auto-completion of sub-categories when typing. For example when entering a transaction with the category Automotive:Fuel, instead of typing Au:Fu you can just start typing Fuel.
  • Creation of new categories from within account registers. Start typing and if the program doesn’t recognize it as an existing account, category, or sub-category you’ll see be given the option to create a new category with that name.
  • Attachments to transactions.  The ability to attach a number of different types of file to transactions to keep track of receipts, or photos of items purchased, etc
  • Expanded Investment account capabilities.  Investment accounts have a new bank register interface (to better support linked checking & investment accounts), including all standard banking items such as the ability to enter split transactions, use tags, etc.
  • New budgeting interface and features, including rolling over unspent amounts to new budgeting period and the ability to more easily enter variable amounts (for example $200 for heat in January, $300 for heat in February, etc).
  • Quick Transaction entry from within the search box. Enter an amount and text (such as "Starbucks 4.99") the quick entry window will appear.
  • Other features and bug fixes

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