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Moneydance 2014 Changelog

Ethan Tupelo -

This document contains detailed information on the changes between builds of the official stable releases of Moneydance.  The latest stable release can always be found at  The latest preview beta release can be found at  Unless instructed by the support staff or if you want to experiment at your own risk, most users should only use the downloads available on the main download page. 
If you downloaded Moneydance from another source such as the Mac App Store, you should only download Moneydance from that source, as your license will only work with those versions.  New stable releases typically reach the Mac App Store a week or so later than they are released on our site, as they need to be reviewed by Apple first.
Moneydance 2014.4 (967)
Major Bug Fixes
  •  When importing data directly from Quicken Essentials, use the current locale to determine the base currency 
  • Un-invert prices of downloaded transactions that are automatically added to the security history
  • Quick-entry of transactions uses the correct direction (deposit vs payment) depending upon the direction of previous transactions with the same description
  •  Fixed behaviour of new-transaction action in investment accounts if the normal or bank register hasn't yet been selected
  •  Account/category popover is now at least as wide as the register column that spawned it
  •  Fix HTTP redirection handling, which recently affected the quotes/rates extension
  •  Fixed archiving when option to only removed cleared transactions is selected.

Bank Connections and file importing

  • Fix to HTTP cookie handling and added Entrust Certificate Authority, allowing connections to Edward Jones brokerage.
  •  Allow bank account OFX files to be imported into investment accounts
  • Allow investment accounts (such as Morgan Stanley Smith Barney) that are presented as bank accounts from OFX servers to still download
  •  Run QIF import in the background to avoid freezing the UI if imports take longer than a few milliseconds

Minor bug fixes and improvements

  •  Now include thousands separators in amounts on printed checks
  •  Enable sub-pixel anti-aliasing in report viewer (only applies to windows)
  • No longer show useless square brackets around tags in the split transaction window
  • Drag-and-drop is now used to reorder items when editing the items in the check number list
  • Added option to use bank or local dates when merging downloaded transactions
  •  Show a scaled down copy of the window instead of the app icon when minimised to the dock
  • Fixed layout of security selector in the security details panel
Moneydance 2014.3 (947)
Major bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug that prevented budgets from loading at all in OSX Snow Lepoard (10.6.8)
  • Fixed certain instances where program would hang using OSX Mavericks (10.9)
  • Added fix to properly close PDF files when generating previews, allowing Windows to open the file

Bank connections:

  • Be more flexible in what we'll accept for an HTTP status response line (allows direct connections to Mercer to work again)

Minor bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed budget date range selection indicator when showing a weekly budget
  • Removed needless blank space at bottom of reminders panel
Moneydance 2014.2 (943)

  • Added ability to create old style (pre-2014 format) budgets (aka mixed interval budgets)
  • Fixed bug that sometimes showed the new budgeting interface for old-style budgets
  • No longer show inactive categories in budgets
  • Prevent budget columns from shifting position when the all/budgeted/active toggle is changed
  • Fixed bug preventing budgets from opening in new windows
  • Fixed date selection bug in monthly budget panel


  • Fixed bug in transaction filter reports based on filtering by categories
  • Added next-30-days and next-month options to home page expense graph view

Bank connections:

  • Updated certificates to enable connections to Barclays SPIC
  • Updated certificates to allow connections to Mountain America Credit Union (and others)

General interface improvements:

  • Fixed bug in which using the keyboard (or context menu) to delete splits in an edit-splits window would cause duplicate transactions to be recorded
  • Fixed bug that would cause a freeze upon editing a stock split
  • Fixed bug preventing display of stock splits in the security history window
  • Fixed date picker and ability to type while the graphical picker is active
  • Fixed category suggestion popover so that it doesn’t show categories/accounts that are not appropriate for the context
  • Suppressed create-new-category shortcut depending upon context
  • Smoother scrolling on home page
  • Fixed account selector popup so that mousing over highlights the item under the cursor but doesn't actually change the selection until clicked
  • Fixed bug preventing the main account selector popup from updating along with sidebar selection
Moneydance 2014 (general new features in initial release)

Enhancements and new features

Auto-completion of sub-categories when typing.
For example when entering a transaction with the category Automotive:Fuel, instead of typing Au:Fu you can just start typing Fuel.

Creation of new categories from within account registers.  Start typing and if the program doesn’t recognize it as an existing account, category, or sub-category you’ll see be given the option to create a new category of with that name.

Attachments to Transactions

  • Attach images, pdfs, and other files to transactions
  • Attach by right clicking on a transaction and selecting "Add Attachment", or by dragging the image file onto a transaction
  • Once a file is attached to a transaction a copy will be stored in the Moneydance data bundle and the original can be deleted (if desired)
  • It is possible to have multiple attachments on a transaction
  • A paperclip icon indicates transactions which have attachments
  • Clicking on a transaction which has an attachment will display a thumbnail; clicking on the thumbnail will open the attachment.
  • When archiving if a transaction is archived the attachments will also be archived

Enhanced Investment account capabilities

  • New bank register interface
  • Able to print checks from Investment Accounts
  • Supports entry of tags
  • Supports entry of split transactions
  • Add auto complete to security selector for investment transactions
  • Security history prices are now sorted with newest entries at top

New budgeting interface

  • Entirely new budget interface with the ability to budget weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and annually
  • New filters make it easy to see all categories, budgeted categories
  • Easy to enter variable amounts (for example $200 for January, $300 for February, etc).
  • Click on column header to "Copy and rollover previous period," "Copy previous period," or "Use actual spending from previous period" for all categories

New Search Box capabilities

  • Transaction entry- Start typing and create a transaction (from the homepage or account register). Description and category are guessed by the program but can be edited as desired
  • Currency calculator- Enter an amount such as £ 15 and see the amount converted into all currencies stored in the data file (requires installation of the Quotes and Exchange Rates extension, or use of the Mac App Store version of the program which has this extension built in)
  • Searching works as normal- searching from within a register is only that register, searching from the homepage searches across all accounts.

Other Tweaks

  • Merged transactions (manually entered merged with downloaded or imported transactions) will keep the bank's transaction date
  • Remove File->Delete menu item
  • Add File->Save Backup menu
  • Added “Fiscal year to date” range to graphs and reports
  • Add auto complete to security selector for investment transactions


Bug Fixes


  • Loan reminders do not auto commit properly
  • New transaction control does not show correct field labels.
  • Add Payee Dialog add button too small with ""Windows"" Java style
  • Reminders Calendar grey out happens after refresh
  • Directly opening a data set from the file system doesn't open that data set in Moneydance
  • Data sets with _ in the name cause the Welcome screen to open
  • Special characters in folders aren't recognized by Moneydance

Investment accounts

  • Cost basis error for a multi-lot stock that splits
  • Unable to download bank type transactions in investment accounts
  • Security Price history should be sorted newest to oldest

Graph and Report bug fixes

  • Advanced search OR operator does not work with memo
  • Portfolio report All % makes no sense
  • Header categories shown on pie graph results in double entries
  • Sign errors in Transaction report with Include Sub-Accounts
  • Subtotal by time period breaks Transaction Filter Report
  • Change transaction report to use the currency on the transaction in the selected account


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