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Currently available extensions

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If you are looking for information on extensions compatible with Moneydance 2015 please go here.

Balance Predictor: This extension can be used to predict and graph the balance of an account in Moneydance

CSV Importer: Import transactions from multiple download formats, including: Discover card, VISA, your private bank, etc. You can denote columns such as -Payment-, -Deposit-, date, amount, memo, etc. Your file is tested, giving you a list of all the readers that can handle your file. Importing does matching to skip duplicate entries.

Credit Card Payoff Calculators: Helps manage credit card debt, especially to eliminate it.

HandyBank Synchronizer: Enables synchronization of Moneydance with HandyBank for Android

Import List: Import List monitors a directory and displays its transaction files in Moneydance's homepage view. From there, the files can be imported into Moneydance. This plugin collects usage data using Google Analytics. See for details.

Investment Profit Calculator: This extension displays a list of accounts and the securities. You can check the profit/loss made on each stock.

Moneydance Updater: This extension checks for new versions of Moneydance and can upgrade your copy of Moneydance to the most recent version available.

Network Synchronizer: For Moneydance 2011 and earlier only. If you are using Moneydance 2012 or 2014 syncing options are available under the File menu. This extension allows Moneydance and earlier to sync with the Moneydance iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app. 

PayPal Importer: Imports transactions from PayPal Premier or Business accounts into Moneydance. This plugin requires Java 6 or higher to function, see the Moneydance About window to determine what version of Java you are using.

Python Scripting Interface: This extension provides a python scripting interface to Moneydance.

Quotes and Exchange Rate Updater: This is an extension that downloads security prices and exchange rates from Yahoo! and Google Ratios - important ratios from your finances: Show a custom list of ratios on your home page. Examples include savings rate, debt-to-income ratio, or debt to assets. For Moneydance 2011 or later.

Security Price Entry: Provides a quicker and easier way to enter recent prices for multiple securities

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