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Encrypting your data file

Angie Rauscher -

Moneydance can encrypt your data file for increased security. If you would like Moneydance to remember your online banking passwords, select the “Store Online Passwords in File” option. To encrypt, click File → Encryption. If you encrypt your data file your backup files will also be encrypted.

You have three options for encryption level- a “Recommended”, a “Faster, but less secure”, and a 56-bit DES which is a legacy option and not suggested for regular use. When making the decision, we suggest considering how important speed is to you, as well as how likely it is that your data is accessible to others.

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    I have the 'Store Online Passwords' box selected, but Moneydance only remembers the username and password for my checking account. It does not remember the others. (All accounts are marked the same. I'm using version 2015.1.
    Can I fix this?

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